Tipper’s Dream: Bismarck artist paints new mural for the dogs

Published: Sep. 22, 2022 at 3:07 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. - Dog lovers, this story is for you.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for your four-legged friend?

Whatever it is, this might top it.

A local artist has created a 66-foot mural that is literally for the dogs.

The story behind the mural is good news and will make you smile and make your dog’s tail wag.

Witney Nielsen is a dog person. Her dog, Mo, has been by her side for the past 12 years. Mo, and Nielsen’s friend’s dog, Tipper, are the inspiration behind her newest project.

“If you’re a weirdo like me and your life revolves around your dog, then you’re going to get this,” said Nielsen with a laugh.

This is a 66-foot mural for the dogs.

“The only stipulation was they wanted it to be weird and they wanted to tell a story. I’m calling this Tipper’s Dream,” she explained.

Tipper’s Dream includes everything dogs love; from chasing the mailman, to a giant tennis ball and even flying hotdogs.

“It is pure silliness,” laughed Nielsen. “But there is a lot of fun stuff. "

All the dogs here are inspired by real dogs in Nielsen’s life. Her own dog, Mo, is being captured by a UFO.

“It’s taken about five weeks for Witney to finish this mural. It’s been a lot of work for something not many people will see. Tipper’s Dream is in a six-foot alley, between a parking ramp and a new condo building being constructed in Downtown Bismarck. The alley will become a place for condo residents to take their dogs.

“It’s almost like when you do a commission painting for someone’s home. But like on a little bit larger scale. It’s for everybody who’s sharing this place. It’s their home. It’s all about the dogs and I love that it’s, you know, we made this for the dogs,” said Nielsen.

A 66-foot tribute to a dog’s life, and to the things man’s best friend dreams about.

This is Nielsen’s fifth mural, but at 66-feet, it’s by far the biggest one she’s ever painted.

It’s also much bigger than the canvas she normally works on. Nielsen started Unconventional Cookies. She is used to creating tiny works of art that are about three inches big.