Williston’s first set of triplets celebrate 70th birthday

Published: Aug. 16, 2022 at 1:32 PM CDT
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WILLISTON, N.D. (KFYR) - In 1952, Queen Elizabeth began her reign

The ‘Today Show’ premiered on NBC.

Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong and Harry Truman were world leaders.

But in Williston, there were three brand new babies making banner headlines.

Seventy years later, Myron, Mike and Madelon are still the talk of the town.

August 14, 1952: the Wegley triplets made history.

“We were the only triplets born in Williston,” recalled Madelon Austby, one of the Wegley triplets.

Their arrival was front-page news. The Williston Daily Herald published a photo of the babies and their mom the next day.

For the next several years, their birthday continued to make headlines.

Wegley triplets on their first birthday
Wegley triplets on their first birthday(Courtesy: Mandy Garaas)

“The newspaper was out every year and took pictures. When we were about five, mom and dad said, ‘Leave them alone,’ and then it ended,” laughed Austby.

The celebrations did not end though.

“We had birthday parties every summer,” said Myron Wegley.

A tradition they continue to this day. Over the weekend, they celebrated turning 70 together.

“It’s a good thing to all be here at this age,” said Austby.

Much has changed since these baby pictures were taken. Austby moved to South Dakota; brother Myron moved to Montana and brother Mike stayed in Williston.

They try to celebrate their birthday together every year. One of their most memorable birthdays was their 50th.

“People came from all over to see us,” remembered Mike Wegley.

“The doctor that delivered us came to it,” added Austby.

“I bet you guys were one delivery he never forgot,” commented reporter Jody Kerzman.

“That’s what he said!” replied Austby. “He remembered a lot of it.”

Although they don’t see each other every day anymore, they say they still have a special ‘triplet connection.’

“I have people ask me all the time, ‘What’s it like to be a triplet?’ I always reply with, ‘I don’t know. What’s it like to be a single?’ We just all had playmates,” said Austby.

One thing these triplets know for sure is how lucky they are to have each other and to celebrate another birthday together.

“It’s special to have a birthday because the alternative is not very nice,” said Austby.

And so, they celebrate 70 years of life, times three.

The triplets all get their own birthday cakes on their birthday. Austby says that’s the way it’s always been because they each have a different favorite flavor.

Wegley triplets on their 70th birthday
Wegley triplets on their 70th birthday(Courtesy: Mandy Garaas)

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