Bowman family takes ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ on the road

Published: Aug. 12, 2022 at 3:22 PM CDT
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BOWMAN, N.D. - We first met Amanda Rafferty in April of 2020.

When in person classes were cancelled because of the coronavirus, the Bowman teacher wanted to bring some sort of normalcy to her students.

She starts each school day in her classroom with the Pledge of allegiance, so she though why not do the same from her backyard.

Amanda and her young children started sharing daily pledge videos on Facebook.

More than two years later, they’re still at it.

Seven-year-old Audra Rafferty knows these words by heart. She’s been reciting the pledge of allegiance here in her backyard for more than two years.

“I just really like saying the pledge,” said Audra.

It all started when the pandemic forced schools to close. Audra’s mom was looking for a way to connect with her fifth-grade students.

“We just started saying the words for my mom’s students,” Audra recalled.

“It started simple and then we continued doing it,” added her mom, Amanda.

Every Friday at 8:25 a.m. Mountain time Audra and her mom continue to go live on Facebook. Audra greets viewers, then recites the pledge, usually by the flag in their backyard.

Once in a while, the Raffertys go live from a new location. This summer, that’s included the Heritage Center in Bismarck and Mt. Rushmore.

“There you could go down into the amphitheater so that was really cool,” said Amanda.

No matter how big or small the flag, the stars and stripes always catch this family’s eye.

“We kind of see a flag and we’re like, ‘Hey, we can go say the pledge here’,” said Amanda.

Amanda hopes these spontaneous stops to recite the pledge will instill a sense of pride in her children.

“It’s the little things that bring people together,” she said.

And so, this family continues this little tradition, hoping that it might be something that will unite their community.

You can join the Raffertys for the Pledge of Allegiance on Friday mornings on Amanda’s Facebook page. Just search Amanda Rafferty on Facebook.

Her videos caught the attention of the ND Flagpole Guy and in December he donated a new flagpole to the family.

Amanda Rafferty and her seven-year-old daughter Audra in April, 2020.
Photos courtesy: Amanda...
Amanda Rafferty and her seven-year-old daughter Audra in April, 2020. Photos courtesy: Amanda Rafferty (KFYR)

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