From the city to the prairie: writer and musician finds inspiration on the South Dakota prairie

Published: Aug. 3, 2022 at 3:10 PM CDT
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BISON, S.D. (KFYR) – Eliza Blue was born a city girl.

She lived in Detroit, Minneapolis, New York City, and Portland, Maine before finding her forever home on a ranch just outside Bison, South Dakota.

It seemed unlikely this big city musician would feel at home here, but that’s where the good news comes in.

In fact, she says the South Dakota prairie has helped get her creative juices flowing.

Eliza Blue and her two young children spend their mornings doing chores. There are lambs to feed, goats to check and a garden to tend. This is a life that a dozen years ago, she never dreamed she’d be living.

“I was working full time as a musician, and I just was in a rut and needed to get out. It was meant to be a temporary adventure, a chance to clear my head and figure out what was next,” she recalled.

Instead, she fell in love, got married, and this became her forever home.

“It was pretty much a total 180-degree turn in that I had only ever lived in cities!”

Now, she can’t imagine living anywhere else.

“It does feel natural to me,” said Blue.

A tiny home, intended to be used as a guest house has instead become her studio. In this tiny house, comes the big sounds of her music. Now, she hopes to share this small space with other artists.

“We are very remote, so we don’t have recording studios on every street corner here in western South Dakota, so the goal is to be able to use this space to bring other artists to and share their work,” she explained.

Another dream discovered here where the quiet of the South Dakota prairie is interrupted only by the soundtrack of Eliza Blue’s life.

Blue is not only a musician, she’s also a writer. Her work has appeared in the New York Times.

She’s written a book, “Accidental Rancher,” and her weekly newspaper column, “Little Pasture on the Prairie,” is carried by 17 different publications across the country.

She also writes and hosts a traveling concert show, “Wish You Were Here” for PBS.

Visit her website to learn more.

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