Summer League Series: Bismarck Park & Recreation’s Colin Bales

Published: Jul. 25, 2022 at 6:16 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - A diehard baseball lover can wax-poetic about the beauty of a perfectly manicured diamond. It takes time, effort and a commitment to keep a ballpark looking good and that’s why Lee Timmerman headed to Bismarck’s Municipal Park for episode number nine of the Summer League Series.

Lee Timmerman: “Colin Bales from Bismarck Park & Rec joins us edition of the Summer League Series and Colin we’re at the ballpark. You and your crew have a lot to do with keeping this place mice and neat and playable how many people work on this thing all summer?”

Colin Bales: “It varies depending on the season. This year we are a little short staffed, but we’ve made it work. We have our full-time maintenance employee here all summer and then typically anywhere between 6 to 8 seasonal employees that we like to get.”

Timmerman: “It’s not a game day for anyone today but there are teams practicing so I don’t know if everyone understands just how busy this facility is even if you’re not playing do they?”

Bales said: “It’s definitely non-stop. We have stuff every single day from college in March all the way through August when the Larks are officially done and that’s including practices, games, state tournament’s, sometimes regional’s and we had the World Series here a few years back. Always something going on here.”

Timmerman: “This is real grass and that is real dirt which is different from a lot of ballparks now days, what’s your biggest challenge?”

Bales: “The biggest challenge is weather. If we get too much rain that is often the problem, we see but rain is your best friend and it could be your worst enemy but yes, artificial turf is convenient and easy to maintain at times but nothing the look and feel of a real baseball field.”

Timmerman: “Does it drive the crew crazy when you put in so much time to get it ready and it looks great and the first thing the pitcher does is gouge a mark by the rubber. The first batter digs into the box and everything you guys have done is no longer pristine?”

Bales: “No, I think it kind of comes with the job. You understand that they are here to play, and they are here to have fun and enjoy themselves and we just kind of learn that it’s OK because when in doubt the next day you are going to be fixing it again.”

Timmerman: “Excellent, Colin thanks for being a part of the Summer League Series.”

Bales, “Thank you!”

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