‘iCan Bike’ camp teaches confidence, life skills in Minot

Published: Jun. 23, 2022 at 4:30 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. (KMOT) - This week kids with disabilities in Minot are getting the chance to gain more independence by learning one of life’s basic skills--riding a bicycle.

Ten-year-old Cady Maciver is attending the “ICan Bike” camp for the second time.

She’s gained a new-found confidence with her bike riding skills.

“It’s okay if you fall, that’s just a part of learning how to ride a bike,” says Maciver, Camp Bike Rider.

Campers start out on roller bikes focusing on balance and pedaling and then steering.

They break down each step so that the children can reach the overall goal of riding a bike.

“It’s been so much fun for us to watch because all the kids have made so many gains from when they first come to when this 2nd to last day and the last day and I think her biggest thing was she just needed that confidence,” says Kara Maciver, parent.

Kara says that at first her daughter was nervous about building up speed and falling.

Since then, Cady has been able to learn more about how to control the bike.

When campers do fall, people cheer so that they feel encouraged to get back up.

“They’re making friendships, they are working out. There’s just a lot of benefits to riding a bike so this is a really important camp and I always say it’s the most magical week of my whole entire summer,” says Rachael Buss, Camp Host.

Organizations such as Prairie Grit Adaptive Sports and the Anne Carlsen Center partnered with ICan Shine, who provides the bicycles for the campers.

Kara encourages other parents to get their kids involved.

“I think the coolest thing is how they all support each other. They kind of get to know each other and they cheer each other on. It’s such a positive experience,” says Kara.

With an 80% success rate, most campers are able to ride a bike on their own by the end of the week.

“They each have a handle on the back to help us to hold onto and they like give you a starting push so it’s okay you don’t need to like fall down right away because they got you,” says Cady.

Setting up kids for success by helping them learn a new skill.

Fifteen campers took part in Minot this year.

The camp runs through Friday.

The next ICan Bike camp will be Moorhead in August.

Riders have to be a least 8 years old and there is no age limit.

More information can be found here.

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