WATCH: Mountain lion spotted on Bismarck security camera Tuesday

Published: Jun. 22, 2022 at 3:09 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Last week, a mountain lion was spotted in Bismarck. This week, it happened again.

This camera captured images around 2 a.m. Tuesday that stunned the Olson family.

“We were both such really shocked, really shocked,” Sue Olson said.

This is the video that shook Sue Olson. She preferred not to go on camera but described the area of her backyard that the mountain lion wandered through.

“From there over that fence and walked right here and these plants weren’t here at the time,” Olson said. “He must have walked straight across because we did not see him go down the sidewalk.”

When Olson found out there was a danger in her neighborhood, she took immediate action. She alerted the Bismarck Police Department and then walked door to door around her neighborhood on N 11th Street alerting neighbors of what her camera recorded.

“We took a little walk and stopped at everybody’s house, they were very glad because a lot of people have small dogs, they have grandchildren, and little kids, they all wanted to know,” Olson said.

North Dakota Game and Fish says mountain lions tend to follow the Missouri River and this animal most likely won’t be around for very long.

“They tend to move in and out very quickly because this is an uncomfortable situation for them,” NDGF Wildlife Division Chief Casey Anderson said.

Anderson says this animal was most likely left by its mother to fend for itself and the mountain lion is most likely trying to navigate its way to its natural habitat.

“Stay calm and talk in a loud voice, make yourself look big, and just move away slowly and get out of its way,” Anderson said.

As for going in the backyard, Olson and her husband don’t plan on changing their routines, because of their late-night visitor.

“We do sit out here sometimes; I mean, we are going to continue to do the exact same things we have always done,” Olson said.

Anderson says mountain lions tend to move around during the night and early morning hours. He advised people to be cautious and adds a mountain lion has never been known to attack a person in North Dakota.

Game and Fish has searched for the animal and the agency hopes the mountain lion makes its way out of the Bismarck-Mandan area soon.

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