Sports Spotlight: Bismarck Larks’ Khalid Collymore

Published: Jun. 15, 2022 at 8:51 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Summer baseball is about developing athletes, and giving the fans a show. One Bismarck Larks player joined the organization last summer and took the mantra to a new level. Khalid Collymore may be new to performing while playing, but baseball just comes naturally.

“I kind of just stuck with the idea that I wanted to take baseball to the next level. I wanted baseball to help with my education. I kind of told myself there’s no other option. Just keep going with baseball and see where it takes you,” said Collymore.

It’s taken Khalid from his home of Ontario, Canada to Alabama to play collegiately at Montevallo, with Bismarck now being his offseason home.

“Back home, you know baseball is good. It’s getting better these days, but you can’t beat America’s pastime. I mean you got to come down to America to play it. So I was just thinking from a young age that what better baseball would there be to than go down to the south,” said Collymore.

“He’s just such a great kid and he does have a perspective coming from Canda, coming to Alabama, coming to Bismarck. I mean the dude’s been around. I mean he can teach these guys just from digging on watching him,” said Will Flynt, Larks manager.

The Larks are no stranger to thinking outside the box when it comes to the show, and having Khalid to lead by example makes it much more doable.

“He makes things so easy. We have a big focus on the player experience and using the players to our fan experience, and Khalid embraces that and takes it away,” said Will Satler, Larks entertainment specialist.

“He shows the human side of the athlete. He’s just so willing and open to be himself. Khalid’s comfort zone, for a small dude it’s pretty big. He opens himself up to anything and everything,” said Joe Zollo, Larks communications manager.

“He makes a connection with the fans that makes them feel like he’s their best friend,” said Satler.

His invitation to Bismarck may have initially been to play the game, but he’s shown there’s much more to it, and it’s a period in his life that he isn’t taking for granted.

“Being so far from home and meeting so many new people, it’s just irreplaceable in my baseball development and my human development. Like I’m getting so many more perspectives on life and on baseball. I think it’ll be something I look back on in a decade and say, ‘Hey, I learned how to do this from someone I would’ve never met if I didn’t come to Bismarck, North Dakota,’ and I’ll be forever grateful for that,” said Collymore.

Collymore and the flock return to Bismarck on Tuesday for a four-game set against Minnesota.

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