Whodunit hijinks in Minot with “Clue: The Musical”

Published: May. 19, 2022 at 7:06 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. – Colonel mustard in the dining room with a candlestick, just one of the many results of the game Clue.

The game is, of course, the plot to a famous 80′s movie of the same name, and it’s also a musical.

The Mouse River Players are bringing the story to the small stage this month.

Whodunit hijinks are taking over the Magic City, with “Clue: The Musical.”

It’s a performance more than two years in the making. First delayed two years by the pandemic, and then last month’s historic blizzard impacted rehearsals.

”We’ve been here five days a week for the last couple of weeks, just learning the words to the songs, these weird harmonies that were written,” said Christine Cherry, playing “Mrs. Peacock.”

Connor Donovan, who plays Colonel Mustard, was part of the original cast in early 2020, before the pandemic shut the world down.

”It’s like the board game where there’s a like different suspect, different weapon, different location, each and every night, ideally,” said Donovan.

Among others, they’re joined by showstopper Andy Busch, playing Mrs. White.

”I was told You should audition for Clue, we need more guys,” said Busch.

Music Director Kaylee Capp has taken the challenge of this performance head-on.

“Considering that this is a murder mystery, there’s gonna be a lot of chaos in the orchestration as well. So we’ve had to work very hard to figure out harmonies, simplify things when we need to,” said Capp.

Director Ashley Nilsen said this is the first musical she’s done with Mouse River Players, and the second one she’s ever done. She said the audience needs to pay close attention!

”You want to look at the details, because there are some small things that people are going to be doing that might led on to who is going to be the killer that night,” said Nilsen.

And the audience has a say in how the performance goes, drawing cards for characters, settings, and weapons.

There are 216 possible endings, so we have no idea on what’s going to happen until those cards are drawn,” said Nilsen.

Bringing a timeless comedy to the small stage.

The Mouse River Players are in the middle of their run of “Clue: The Musical.”

Their shows continue Thursday and run through Sunday.

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