Minot pediatrician warns parents about baby formula supplementation

Published: May. 20, 2022 at 6:39 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. – As families struggle to get baby formula amid a nationwide shortage, pediatricians are warning parents to be careful about supplementing their food.

Diluting formula to make it last longer can be very dangerous for young children. Babies under six months old kidneys cannot take in excess water from diluted formula and may not be able to properly digest the electrolytes which could cause seizures.

Trinity Health pediatrician Dr. Diana Peterson also warns parents to not get breast milk from other moms.

“When you are pumping milk, you have to clean the breast, you have to clean the equipment. you have to freeze it or refrigerate it and you need to know that it’s been frozen properly or refrigerated properly, and the concern is contamination, that you can get bacteria in it and cause an infection,” said Peterson.

Peterson added that parents should not use dairy, plant, or goat milk as a supplement for children under the age of six months.

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