Meeting the Minot Park Board candidates

Published: May. 11, 2022 at 10:25 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. – Wednesday, the city of Minot got a first chance to meet some of our park board candidates in an open town hall.

Mike Schmitt has lived in Minot for 37 years. He says his priority is finishing the superfund site by Maysa Arena for more room in the middle of town for people to enjoy.

”The next one is how do we do that? How do we make it to realization, and this is going to take a lot of community input, it’s going to take a lot of talking with individuals. I think I’ve been in those talks. I think I would like to move forward with those projects and see those completed,” said Mike Schmitt, candidate.

Justin Hammer from Williston has lived in Minot for two decades. He says he’s interested in being part of the process and wants to get user groups more active around the city.

”There’s other user groups out there that could really benefit from the park district and the park district could be more of a facilitator to help those user groups grow in numbers, and those user groups in turn will turn around and help the park district grow,” said Justin Hammer, candidate.

Chuck Emery is one of our incumbents in the race. He’s been in Minot since 1974. He’s a retired veteran and used to be the manager of Maysa Arena. He says he wants to stay involved in continuing projects around the city and is prioritizing the development of the family recreation area west of town.

”We’ve done so much without increasing the tax level on the park district, or on the citizens of Minot. I think for a vote for myself, eight years experience on the Park Board, 14 years experience working for the Park District. I have a little bit different perspective,” said Chuck Emery, incumbent.

Perry Olson has lived in Minot since he was five. He’s the other incumbent in this race and says that he enjoys watching projects start and finish. He says that he prioritizes improving the quality of life and maintaining what we have.

”The four years that I’m wrapping up, I think that I showed some common sense in my time there. I think that Parks and Rec should have been together decades ago in Minot. It was the first thing we did was start those discussions and it’s together now,” said Perry Olson, incumbent.

Logan Longtin also grew up in Williston, but has lived in Minot since his college days. He works as a teacher at the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch. He says he wants to expand bike paths, develop greenways more, and clean things up around town.

”I see a lot of opportunities for development for our parks and public spaces to make Minot even more healthy, more welcoming community, and I’d like to be a part of that process see and make that happen,” said Logan Longtin, candidate.

The city will continue similar sessions for other races in the coming weeks.

The next discussion will be Thursday the 12th, and we’ll get a look at the city council candidates.

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