Police badge has deeper meaning for Bismarck father and son

Published: May. 10, 2022 at 7:59 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - In 1992, Randy Ziegler was training to be a police officer at Bismarck’s police academy.

“This is the only job I really applied for was Bismarck, because I have always liked the community here,” said Bismarck Police Department Deputy Chief Randy Ziegler in a 1992 interview with Your News Leader.

Now, he remembers when he was initiated onto the force.

“When you first start, you get a badge that says, ‘Police officer,’” said Deputy Chief Ziegler.

His wife pinned on his first badge. And his thought in that moment?

“You think about all the people that came before you,” said Deputy Chief Ziegler.

Randy Ziegler is now Bismarck’s Deputy Chief, and his son Jalen is joining him on the force.

“It’s a big deal for me and my dad,” said Bismarck Police Patrol Officer Jalen Ziegler.

A special moment for the father and son: Deputy Chief Ziegler pinning on Jalen’s badge.

“It’s kind of like the passing of arms a little bit, like, I am putting my trust in you to take care of this city that I took care of,” said Patrol Officer Ziegler.

Deputy Chief Ziegler says he’s proud of his son and those choosing a career to protect others.

“It’s a great noble profession. I applaud everyone that goes into it,” said Deputy Chief Ziegler.

The badge is a symbol to the public of law enforcement’s role.

“I hope one, they feel protected, obviously, but I also hope it’s a positive experience for them,” said Patrol Officer Ziegler.

Jalen has completed his in-house training. Next, he will train for three weeks in the field and attend the police academy in June.

Once Jalen completes his field officer training program, Deputy Chief Ziegler will shift from the field side to the support side of the department so he will never supervise Jalen directly.

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