Bismarck grandmother and granddaughter co-author new book, ‘Inside a Snowflake’

Published: Apr. 4, 2022 at 5:46 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - As much as we may complain about the North Dakota winters, they can be beautiful.

Big snowflakes and frosty trees can transform the world into a winter wonderland.

For one Bismarck grandmother and her granddaughter, it was enough to inspire a new children’s book, titled “Inside a Snowflake.”

While that alone is good news, there’s more. “Inside a Snowflake” has an important message for kids and adults.

Maria Skjerseth loves to read. She also loves to write. And then there’s winter: she likes that too.

“It’s my second favorite season,” seven-year-old Skjerseth said. “I get to dance around and catch snowflakes on my tongue.”

It was a moment like that nearly two years ago when her grandmother snapped a photo.

“It was like a Hallmark movie scene, and we stopped to take some photographs by a beautiful tree that had frost on it,” recalled her grandmother, Mary Tello-Pool.

That’s when Skjerseth asked her grandma a question.

“I asked Mimi, ‘What does the inside of a snowflake look like?’” she said.

Mimi told her to close her eyes and use her imagination.

“She started telling me what she saw from the inside of the snowflake,” said Tello-Pool.

“It looks sparkly and awesome,” said Skjerseth.

That was all it took to inspire this grandma and granddaughter to write a book titled “Inside a Snowflake.” It’s the story of a young girl, about Skjerseth’s age, who goes on a whimsical ride through a winter wonderland. Along the way, she learns an important lesson.

“Each one unique and special,” read Skjerseth from the book.

It’s her favorite part of the book.

“They’re all different,” she continued.

“I was excited and proud to put that in the book,” said Tello-Pool.

“It talks about a good message. That everybody’s different,” said Skjerseth.

A message guaranteed to melt hearts even on the coldest, snowiest winter day.

You can buy a copy of “Inside a Snowflake” on Amazon. The book will also soon be available at local bookstores.

This isn’t the only book this grandmother-granddaughter duo has written. They’ve got two more at their publisher now: “Freckles, Freckles Everywhere” and “A Kiss in My Pocket” will be released soon.

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