Where do you see Minot in 20 years? The city wants your feedback

Published: Mar. 29, 2022 at 8:41 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. - The City of Minot is updating its comprehensive plan, and they’re looking for your input

The plan goes over the city’s goals and policies for growth and development. The last plan was adopted in 2012 and the city typically updates it every 10 years.

When you look around the City of Minot, it’s hard to miss the growth it has seen in recent years, whether it’s the new Trinity Health Medical Campus on the south end of town, or construction of a new high school on North Hill, the city is changing and with that comes new opportunities.

“Hopefully, that high school on the north end of the city will help attract more residential development on the north side and with the more rooftops we have on that side of town, the greater the chances we are going to be able to attract more commercial development,” said Brian Billingsley, the community and economic development director with the City of Minot.

To make the growth more diverse, the city’s comprehensive plan committee is going straight to residents for feedback on what type of growth they would like to see in the coming years.

“When we have a community that isn’t built on just one industry or built for one group of people, then we as a community are able to weather a storm and difficult situation much better and in a much healthier way,” said Tim Baumann, a committee member with the contingency plan.

City residents can take the survey to share their opinions about the growth of Minot.

The survey closes Thursday, March 31.

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