United Community Bank Athlete(s) of the Week: Minot High Cheer seniors

Published: Mar. 15, 2022 at 5:11 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. – The North Dakota State Cheerleading Competition is less than one week away.

The Minot High cheerleaders remember how far they’ve come.

“You have to look forward to everything and treat it like it’s your last day,” said senior Shay Green.

Two years ago this week, the 2020 competition was canceled with less than a week to go.

“They were all devastated,” said coach Vytalli Klimpel.

Months of training, down the drain... or so they thought.

“They ended up working through it and wanting to come back even stronger the year after,” said Klimpel.

The seniors were sophomores at the time.

“Anything can happen and anything can be canceled right away. You have to be positive about everything as it’s happening,” said Shay.

The group has bonded through the disappointment.

“They have grown so much, in every aspect,” said Klimpel.

Six of the seniors have been cheering together for nearly six years. But Angela Vergara joined this year, as a senior.

“I wish that I got into cheer years ago, but I think I don’t regret doing cheer now,” said Angela Vergara.

Angela didn’t make the team her first try, but after some convincing from a friend, tried out again and made the JV squad. Midway through the year, coaches bumped her up to varsity.

“She just got that good, she has a natural talent for it,” said Klimpel.

Shay Green, Natalie Cook, Summer Albers, Taylor Garvaas, Bella Howard and Dakotah Harvey welcomed Angela with open arms.

“They’re all really good friends,” said Klimpel.

Now, the team is looking forward to its second and final competition of the year.

“Hopefully winning (laughing), if not, just putting everything that we have out there for the last time,” said Shay.

With an even more ambitious routine than in the fall.

“If you thought our fall routine was jam-packed, just wait until winter,” said Klimpel.

Looking to go out, on top.

The North Dakota State Winter 2022 Cheerleading Competition is this Saturday at the Minot Auditorium. The championships begin at 11 a.m.

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