Sports tourism seeing a recovery in Minot

Published: Mar. 4, 2022 at 6:54 PM CST
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MINOT, N.D. - More high school tournaments make a comeback in the state after almost two years of coronavirus, and local businesses are seeing an uptick from the fans.

Tournaments, home shows, and other events can bring in an extra million dollars per weekend for the Minot community. Income that some businesses have missed in the last couple years.

“We are now seeing some Canadians back, people from the surrounding areas that are willing to come into different locations, coming to the tournaments, and actually staying for them rather than just coming for the game and going back home,” said Amanda Heim, Scheels Marketing Leader.

Visit Minot reports the effects of this type of tourism on the city’s businesses as more than a million dollar boost in a single weekend.

“Hotels feel it, retail feels it, restaurants feel it. Sports tourism is an absolute critical component to economic development in Minot and our businesses appreciate that injection of dollars,” said Stephanie Schoenrock, Visit Minot.

Local businesses said they’re already seeing the changes.

“We have seen an increase in activity around the store. Lots of people in town. Just that little bit of an increase helps,” said Heim.

Staff at Visit Minot said they’ve been working with a number of organizations to help coordinate events coming up in the city over the next few weeks.

Business owners in the area said they’re looking forward to the class B boys state tournament in the next couple weeks.

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