United Community Bank Athlete of the Week: MLS’s Allison Undlin

Published: Feb. 7, 2022 at 8:20 PM CST
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MOHALL, N.D. – The world isn’t always designed for tall people.

At 6′3″, Allison Undlin said she has faced many challenges head-on.

“One time I hit a satellite... it was on the side of a building, it came out of nowhere!” Allison joked.

But on the basketball court, her coach said she uses her height to her advantage.

“I watch other teams on film trying to prepare for them going, ‘I don’t know how they match up with Allison,’ but I pretty much end up saying that every game, because how do you match up with Allison?” MLS girls basketball head coach Jaime Adams said.

“I don’t envy being other teams trying to figure out how to stop her,” Adams said.

Height doesn’t automatically make a player good at basketball, but her MLS teammates said Allison puts in the work.

“Every year she comes back stronger, smarter, quicker, everything you want to see in a player. Every year she puts so much time into the sport,” senior Kylie Abernathey said.

Being a few inches above the competition doesn’t hurt.

“Defensively, she’s our rim protector. She’s hard to get by, players have a hard time getting by her. Offensively, she’s where we start. We try to establish Allison’s inside presence and go out from there,” Adams said.

The only thing bigger than her frame is her character.

“Off the court, she’s so much fun... happy, lighthearted, happy-go-lucky all the time,” Abernathey said.

She shared a message to young girls who may feel uncomfortable about being tall: “Embrace it,” Allison said. “It’s awesome being tall. Yes, it has cons, but it’s awesome. Just embrace it.”

Hoping to bring her game — and her teammates — to new heights.

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