Bismarck gym helps clients set attainable health and wellness goals

Published: Jan. 13, 2022 at 7:20 PM CST
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - When the pandemic put a strain on business owners across the country, it also created some obstacles to healthy living. Now, wellness professionals in North Dakota said they’ve been seeing clients set increased health goals related to overall happiness.

Many people that are working on their New Year’s resolution or are making lifestyle changes no matter the day of the year, find themselves walking more, eating more nutritious foods, joining a gym, or trying out new activities.

These exercise enthusiasts enjoy a metabolic training class at Proximal 50. They’re challenging their limits, tracking their heart rates, and said they’re having fun.

“When you find what you like to do in the gym, you’re probably going to have better success. You’re going to sustain it,” said Proximal 50 fitness manager Jordan Morman.

There hasn’t been change in gym operations since the recent omicron surge, but wellness professionals believe some changes, like a shift in goal-setting mentality, will likely continue and will point people looking to make changes in a positive direction.

“I have definitely seen more goals of happiness, feeling better, rather than a number on a scale,” said registered nurse at Proximal 50 Callie Stein.

Stein said the key is to set goals with precise, attainable steps. She said this method helps people make changes to their health that are sustainable in the years to come.

“Everyone is so busy. And [we’re] helping them navigate how to still fit good quality nutrition into their life. How to fit exercise into their life. And again, then in turn teach their family that, teach their kids,” said Stein.

At the gym, trainers said they are seeing successes stories whether the client is a first-timer or a professional athlete.

“It’s really cool to see their confidence build. And they are starting to see those results and have fun with it,” said Morman.

Whether you’re 18 or 81, there’s no timer set for those hoping to make changes.

Health scientists said taking care of yourself through fitness, nutrition, and mental wellbeing practices can help you roll with life’s punches.

Proximal 50 employs trainers, a dietitian, a nurse, and a counselor to help their clients with wellness goals.

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