Sports Spotlight: Aaron Grubb

Published: Jan. 12, 2022 at 8:31 PM CST
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - From Washburn to Mandan, Aaron Grubb has consistently competed in sports for as long as he can remember. Whether it was alone shooting around in the driveway, or finding his favorite sport, football, in junior high, Grubb has taken every opportunity and ran with it.

Aaron Grubb, Mandan senior, said: “I grew up playing sports. I go back to the old days. I used to live in Washburn. It was in the driveway every day shooting hoops. Rain, snow, it didn’t matter. I was out there every day. I had my Miami Heat sweat suit on, and I went out there and I balled. It really started at a young age. Football started in fourth or fifth grade. ‘BMFL’ in Bismarck, I started there. Just really fell in love with the sport. I didn’t know I was good until I started in fourth or fifth grade. I’ve been playing ever since, and I just love the game.”

Aaron also takes part in track and field for the Braves in the spring. He’s currently leading the charge for the Braves on the court, and those around him are grateful for what he brings.

Brandon Schafer, Mandan boys basketball head coach, said: “He’s a pretty special player for us. He can do a lot of things. You know he’s 6′3″, strong, athletic, he can play inside and outside. He has a great personality. He jokes around a lot, but when we’re ready to go for games, he is locked in and 100% focused. You know he does whatever he can to get the best out of his teammates.”

Whether it’s with his skill, or conversations had away from the sport, Grubb seems to embrace the role everywhere he goes.

Grubb said: “I really like being a leader in all three sports. The guys look up to me. I can lead for them. I can help them on the court, I really just like that roll.”

With his time winding down as a Brave, Aaron is appreciative of what he’s been given.

Grubb added: “This town means a lot to me. The people behind me mean a lot to me as well. I thank my coaches all the time in all three sports for the opportunity they’ve given me. So it just really means a lot to me.”

Grubb is averaging nearly 16 points a game this winter while shooting 55% from the floor. Aaron and the Braves host Watford City on Friday.

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