Dickinson teens help light city with holiday lights business

Published: Nov. 26, 2021 at 7:04 PM CST
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - As soon as Thanksgiving is over, many families take out their holiday lights to get in the Christmas spirit. The tradition has kept five young men in Dickinson busy with their new side hustle.

The next time you’re driving around Dickinson, you may notice several teens on a roof.

“Run it down the pillar and then try to go alongside the back of the deck,” said Jackson Melvin, Dickinson.

They’re not goofing off, but are doing a service for others.

“We put Christmas lights up for people on breaks and weekends,” said Melvin.

Jackson Melvin says he and his friends have about 30 clients and work on about ten houses a weekend. It all started with neighbors noticing the Christmas lights Melvin put up at his family’s house.

“People were messaging us do to lights, and so we posted it on the Dickinson marketplace and people wanted lights up,” said Melvin.

Melvin asked his four friends from wrestling to help with the new business that has taken off.

“It’s growing every day and we make a good amount of money for five kids,” said Melvin.

The group has put lights on windows, roofs, and house frames, and can even provide lights, if needed. Melvin says it is good practice for owning his own business one day.

“Every house I go to I’m the first person to knock on the door and I introduce myself, so it’s good practice working with people and getting to know the clients,” said Melvin.

“When they came out to give me an estimate, they were very professional and asked me questions that I hadn’t thought of,” said Poppy Winningham, Dickinson.

Sometimes the work gets tough, but the young men say it’s worth helping others enjoy the holidays.

“It brings an amount of festivity to it all,” said Melvin.

And although they’re booked up this season, the teens say there’s always next year.

The group is not just working in Dickinson, they say they’re making trips to other parts of the state to help family with their holiday lights.

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