Williston cryptocurrency kiosk first ever government-hosted machine

Published: Nov. 23, 2021 at 11:36 AM CST
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WILLISTON, N.D. - The idea of digital currency, or cryptocurrency, is becoming mainstream. Looking to get into the industry, the City of Williston has announced they are giving the public an opportunity to buy and sell different types of cryptocurrencies.

With this machine, located at the Williston Basin International Airport, the City has become the first government entity to host a digital currency machine.

Officials say they hope this ambitious step will pave the way for other entities to follow suit.

Passengers arriving and departing the Williston airport will notice a new machine near the baggage claim.

“Just come over here and easy access to buy and trade,” said Matt Smith, Williston resident and crypto trader.

The Coin Cloud Digital Currency Machine allows people to purchase a number of different cryptocurrencies.

“They got Bitcoin, they have Ether, Litecoin, that’s a popular one,” said Smith

By using a free app on their phones, they can turn cash into crypto and vice-versa; something that some think could be the wave of future.

“I feel like how our grandparents used to hold on to silver coins and gold bars, I feel like we’ll be holding on to hard drives full of bitcoin and Ethereum in the future,” said Smith

Williston Finance Director Hercules Cummings has been intrigued by digital currency, which is why he has pushed the city to take the ambitious step.

“We’re willing to embrace the future of finance. We recognize that the trends all seem to indicate that a cryptocurrency is going to be part of our everyday world,” said Cummings.

While the city hosts the machine, Coin Cloud handles all the funds and transactions made by the machine. The company operates more than 4,000 machines across 48 states and Brazil, providing what CEO Chris McAlary called the easiest way to buy and sell crypto.

“Everywhere we put down machines, there’s usually demand for it and we’ve seen nothing but growth for the last seven years,” said McAlary.

McAlary said adding a machine in an airport gives passengers the ability to cash out when they arrive at their destination, which he says is a big step into the future.

Earlier this year, the City announced a partnership with crypto provider BitPay to allow customers to use cryptocurrency to pay utility bills. Cummings said more crypto-based projects could be coming in the future.

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