Wachter Middle School assistant principal recognizes kids with ‘good news’ phone calls

Published: Nov. 23, 2021 at 3:57 PM CST
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - This is a story about a kid being called to the principal’s office and about the phone call her mom then got from the principal.

It’s the stuff middle school nightmares are made of, right?

Not necessarily. In this story, the call is good news.

This is a call Angie Edinger has been looking forward to all day. She is an assistant principal at Wachter Middle School. On this day, she calls seventh grader Teneille Thomas to her office.

“Can you send her down please?” she asked the teacher who answered the phone.

This is a good news call.

“You did so good,” Edinger said to Thomas.

The seventh grader has caught up on her missing assignments.

“I’ve had no missing assignments for two days,” she said with a smile.

To Edinger, that’s worth celebrating and worth a call to Thomas’ mom.

“This is Angie Edinger calling,” she said when Thomas’ mom answered. “I’m an assistant principal at Wachter Middle School.”

It isn’t the kind of call a parent expects from the principal; most of the time, the principal only calls with bad news.

“I’m guess I’m trying to flip that,” said Edinger.

Edinger makes a couple of good news calls every week. She takes a photo with every kid she catches doing something good then shares the good news on Twitter.’

“I’m not looking for extravagant things,” she explained. “I’m looking for someone greeting me before I greet them, including someone to sit their lunch table that maybe looked a little bit lonely. Maybe they’re holding the door for teacher. It’s just these little random acts of kindness that go on all day long. And they just don’t always get caught.”

Edinger is a firm believer that most kids are good and that most kids do good.

“Kids do such great things all the time. And I don’t we don’t always tell them,” she said.

She’s made it her mission to tell them, to thank them and to reward them one good news call at a time.

Edinger says she got the idea for her good news calls when her own daughter’s school called to tell her something good her daughter had done. She said she never forgot that feeling and wants every parent to experience that.

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