Changes to getting your commercial drivers license are coming

Commercial drivers license
Commercial drivers license(KFYR-TV)
Published: Oct. 23, 2021 at 7:27 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. – Big changes are coming for those who want to get their commercial driver’s licenses in February.

Those interested in getting a CDL will have to get formal training by training providers registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

The entry level driver training also requires 31 mandatory theory topics in five general areas and behind the wheel sessions on and off the road.

The additional training will not apply to those who already have the permit.

“It’s just an additional step that they have to go through in order to make sure they get that additional training, and I think for everybody, that’s a good thing because these trucks are on the road and making sure they know what they’re doing and making sure they have that appropriate training is good,” said Brad Schaffer, Driver License Director with the North Dakota Department of Transportation.

The changes are supposed to make drivers and the roads safer, but some say it may discourage people from getting their CDLs.

“If we make the path more challenging for them, from the point where they’re looking for a job, interested in transportation, getting their cdl, if we make that more challenging, most people will go the path that has less resistance,” said Jim Stockeland, President of Britton Transport.

This comes as the American Trucking Association say it’s short 80,000 drivers nationwide.

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