Simple Sugar: Bismarck couple creates healthier cotton candy

Published: Oct. 14, 2021 at 1:40 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Mark Binstock is an engineer by day. His wife, Becky, is an attorney.

But by night, they are cotton candy makers.

Their mission: make a healthier cotton candy.

That’s good new right?

It gets even better once you hear their reason for starting their sweet treat business, Simple Sugar.

“I am a giant fan of cotton candy,” said Becky Binstock.

Becky Binstock and her family like cotton candy so much, they built a special cotton candy kitchen.

“The only thing that is made in here is cotton candy,” she said.

This commercial kitchen is licensed and inspected. They’re working to become certified allergy and gluten free as well. It may seem extreme, but Becky and her husband, Mark, are determined to make a treat their daughter Everly can safely enjoy. The seven-year-old has a long list of food allergies.

“It started with peanuts,” said Becky. “She’s allergic to tree nuts. And then also, sunflower, pineapple and eggs. Celery is a new one.”

Cotton candy has always been a safe treat.

“She can eat it,” Becky said.

But when she looked at the label, Becky didn’t like what she saw.

“It kind of made me cringe,” she admitted.

Enter “Simple Sugar,” Becky and Mark’s cotton candy company. Their ingredients are simple: sugar and locally grown fruit.

“We know everything we put into it,” said Mark.

“We don’t add preservatives, we don’t add artificial color or artificial dyes,” said Becky. “We know exactly what’s in the cotton candy and I think that it tastes better because of it.”

They hope flavors like honeyberry, juneberry, rhubarb and chokecherry will safely satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

“When we had the opportunity to create a something that helped families that were dealing with what we were dealing with that we really liked the sound of that,” said Becky.

In fact, they say, there’s nothing sweeter.

You can learn more about Simple Sugar on Facebook and Instagram. Just search Simple Sugar.

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