Trinity Health warns it’s reaching critical capacity

Published: Oct. 13, 2021 at 6:23 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. – Trinity Health is warning about the critical condition’s hospitals across the state, including Minot’s, are currently facing.

Hospitals are reaching capacity and some are over capacity due to COVID-19 patients on a daily basis.

On Wednesday, Trinity had several beds available, but that does change hour to hour.

There are about 30 positive COVID-19 patients at Trinity Health as of Wednesday, and that number has been steady for the past week.

Those who head into the emergency room may be facing long wait times.

“Emergency rooms might be filled to capacity at one time or another and so patients would end up waiting minutes to hours for a bed, if they need to, based on their medical needs and that’s being accessed by the medical team pretty constantly,” said Randy Schwan, Vice President of Trinity Health.

Schwan added that he worries about the durability of healthcare and if they can continue to perform at this level.

“The people that are on the front lines of this have had a long 18 months. Running hard, running often. There has not been much of a break in the last 18 months for that care team and it looks like we’re not through with it yet,” said Schwan.

Schwan said he does not want to deter people from going to the E.R. for a medical emergency, but hopes that people are taking the right precautions to avoid getting sick or injured.

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