Bismarck woman walks every mile of city’s more than 70 miles of trails

Published: Oct. 4, 2021 at 1:13 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Bismarck has more than 70 miles of trails. They’re a great place for walking, jogging and biking.

One Bismarck woman spent the past six months traveling every mile of those trails.

RaNae Jochim knows this map like the back of her hand.

“I’m a list maker and so I love to cross things out,” she laughed.

On this map, she’s highlighted every trail she’s walked.

Bismarck has more than 70 miles of trails.
Bismarck has more than 70 miles of trails.(kfyr)

“It’s so satisfying to me to highlight that section trail that I completed,” said Jochim.

Jochim completed all 70 miles of trails on this map. She started her journey in March, picking a different trail each week.

“I would pick a trail segment and I would walk like three to six miles was kind of my goal,” she explained.

Week by week, mile by mile Jochim slowly highlighted trail after trail. About a week ago, she marked off her final trail: the steep path up the hill to the University of Mary.

“I saved the worst for last,” she admitted. “And my legs are still sore like three days later!”

Jochim is the recreation manager for Bismarck Parks and Rec, which means she’s not in charge of maintaining these trails she loves so much, but she feels a special attachment to them. And after walking every mile on this map, Jochim now feels better prepared to help others find their favorite walking path.

“When people ask questions I can answer them,” she explained. “Questions like ‘What are your favorite trails or what’s a good, easy trail to take a stroller on?’ I feel confident in answering them and just kind of helping them out I mean, ideally I’d like everybody to visit all of these trails and just kind of see what we have to offer.”

Jochim is pretty sure she hasn’t seen it all yet, so she’ll keep walking and navigating every mile of these trails.

Jochim didn’t keep track of her miles, but she’s guessing she logged at least a hundred.

You can get a map like the one Jochim used to keep track of her walks at the Bismarck Parks and Rec office.

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