Ward County creating task force to help spend American Rescue Plan Act funds

Published: Sep. 21, 2021 at 5:11 PM CDT
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WARD COUNTY, N.D. - How counties are planning to use money from the American Rescue Plan Act was a big topic of discussion at Tuesday morning’s Ward County Commissioner’s meeting.

Ward County has received just over $6.5 million in their first installment of the rescue act and the money has yet to be used.

Tuesday morning, an engineering company presented several pressing construction projects in Carpio, Berthold, Makoti, and Sawyer and suggested putting the funds toward them in a cost-share.

This prompted the commissioners to discuss how they will go about spending the money in a way that is fair and useful for the entire county, looking at Burleigh County for guidance.

Ward County Commissioners agreed to create a task force made up of the county auditor, highway engineer, emergency management director, First District Health Unit, and two commissioners.

The task force will set up parameters and a process on how spend the funds, and possibly an application process for towns like Carpio or Makoti for their projects.

That task force will then create a three-person committee to go through applications and determine how to spend the funds, before it’s brought to the full commission for final approval.

Ward County is set to receive another $6.5 million in funds from the act next June.

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