Celebrating local businesses in the Magic City

Published: Sep. 15, 2021 at 4:44 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. – This week is National Small Business Week, and if we have learned anything from the pandemic, it is how important small businesses are in communities across the U.S. and in Minot. Like many say, they are the backbone of the country.

North Dakota native Wanda Uran-Nelson has been coming to Charlie’s Main Street Cafe in Minot for decades with her family

“It’s kind of one of my first memories was being here eating in the restaurant. We had milk cows, so we didn’t come to Minot very often, but it kind of seemed like a good home cooking place that we would eat,” said Uran-Nelson.

Uran-Nelson has been coming back ever since for the memories and the cooking. It’s something owner, Tiffany Craig, said she is so lucky to experience running one of Minot’s oldest local businesses.

“It brings so much fond memories and history and pride that Minot has for Charlie’s. The fact that I am able to continue on with my twist is something very special to me and that’s something I look forward to everyday,” said Tiffany Craig, owner of Charlie’s Main Street Cafe.

Many in Minot said they appreciate the personal experiences that come with local businesses.

“A lot of people have the stigma about the fancy big city lawyer, the kind of greasy type, coming in. So, a lot of people do like it, especially not only clients, but judges, juries, they like that you are from here and you are trying to contribute to the community,” said Kyle Craig, owner of Craig Law Firm.

Even after being hit the hardest by the pandemic, shop owners like Kristie Schwan at Mainstream Boutique said they’re finding ways to bounce back.

“It has helped us be stronger and find different ways to promote our business. Like we do Facebook lives, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and now we developed an app. You can shop Mainstream Boutique on your couch,” said Kristie Schwan, co-owner of Mainstream Boutique.

Customers know the hard road small businesses have had to face.

“I admire people with small businesses. It’s a very hard time to have a small business and I’m glad that they are motivated to keep going. All small business. I wish them the best,” said Uran-Nelson.

And they are appreciative knowing that their money is going back in their local economies.

According to nerdwallet.com, small businesses have created more than 10.5 million jobs between 2000 and 2019.

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