From vines to bottles, Wolf Creek Winery begins harvest

Published: Sep. 13, 2021 at 7:27 PM CDT
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COLEHARBOR, N.D. – Harvest season is in full swing for agriculture producers across the state and that’s true for wine producers too. And while winemakers and farmers alike are being impacted by this summer’s drought, Wolf Creek Winery is finding themselves in a different situation.

Winemaking is no easy task. Creating the perfect wine requires the perfect grape, and this summer’s heat made grapes across the state sweeter and less acidic.

“Good wine starts in the vineyard and it takes a quality fruit to make a quality wine, and this is some of the best fruit we’ve seen, so we’re very excited,” said Randy Albrecht, owner and winemaker of Wolf Creek Winery.

The winery is underway in harvesting those grapes, making for lots of work, lots of juice, and eventually more than 10,000 bottles of wine.

“Every batch of wine, we learn from. You know, wine is a living thing and the fruit evolves differently, so you never quit learning,” said Albrecht.

From sourcing grapes, to distribution, the winery helps take the term local to a whole new level.

“It takes a village to be successful and we feel fortunate in North Dakota that the people that we work with are great committed people,” said Albrecht.

While this batch of wine will not be ready until 2022, the winery waits with excitement for possibly their best harvest ever.

Albrecht does not work alone. His partner, Darcy Hardy, helps refine the wine’s taste and develops the flavors.

Wolf Creek Wine is available at the Iron Oar in Pick City, Totten Trail Bar, and several local retailers including Broadway Liquor in Minot.

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