Local artist working to bring awareness to mental health

Published: Sep. 2, 2021 at 1:06 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - The pandemic has taken a toll on many people’s mental health.

It has changed our lives, bringing uncertainty, stress, information overload and isolation.

But there is good news; help is available, and many people are working to bring more awareness to mental health concerns.

That includes local artist Jessica Wachter, who hopes her latest project can help bring awareness to the issue.

Jessica Wachter is passionate about her art and about mental health.

Now, she’s found a way to combine her passions.

“We all want to give back in different ways. And this is one of my top ways,” said Wachter.

Wachter is one of four artists collaborating with Fargo-native Sydney Craig on a new project called Create Light.

“I struggled with mental health for many, many years and I know many people around me have as well,” Craig explained.

Craig has created a clothing line that features work by different artists, all designed to help start conversations about mental health. Wachter’s contribution is an abstract drawing, and the words “I hear you.”

“We all want to be heard. And if we just take the time to really listen with the not judgment and an open heart, and that we can really start to understand what everyone’s going through,” Wachter explained.

“I hope that those will make an impact and to spread more awareness and just continue educating people on mental health because I feel like it’s such a topic that it’s not talked about as often as it should be,” added Craig.

Three simple words that could help change the stigma surrounding mental health.

To see all the Create Light designs and to make a purchase, visit www.createlight.

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