North Dakota a top-10 state in renewable energy creation

Published: Aug. 27, 2021 at 1:08 PM CDT
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TIOGA, N.D. - North Dakota’s electricity consumption primarily comes from Coal and Natural Gas, but over the past decade, many wind farms have begun to popup throughout the state.

Tioga, one of the top oil producing areas of the state, has become a hub for creating wind energy through two facilities: The Lindahl and Aurora farms.

“North Dakota itself is a powerhouse in energy and the types of sources we create. Renewables help us be more diverse in that energy, which in turns keeps the cost at a certain level where it’s more affordable across the board for everyone,” said John Cribbs Assistant Site Supervisor for the Lindahl Wind Farm

According to a report by The American Clean Power Association, North Dakota was 2nd in the nation in electricity generated by wind and solar sources in 2010 at about 10%.

Friday, that number has tripled to more than 30% - good for 5th overall. For Tioga, tapping into wind energy allows them to grow their local economy and bring more jobs for the area.

“Humans need energy. We have to keep warm, we have to travel places, and so why not just adopt it all?” said Tioga Economic Development Director Dennis Lindahl

Lindahl Wind Farm Assistant Site Supervisor John Cribbs says he believes wind farms will continue to expand and improve their energy generation. He says Enel Green Power operates both farms and is already working on their third farm in the area.

North Dakota generated more than 13 million megawatts in clean energy in 2020, which is the 9th highest in the nation.

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