Plaza man publishes second children’s book in a series about oil and gas industry

Published: Aug. 20, 2021 at 2:35 PM CDT
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PLAZA, N.D. – Last spring, we told you about a children’s book written by a Plaza man.

Lucas Wurtz is a facility specialist for Marathon Oil Corporation, a new dad and an author.

He wrote his first book, “Oscar the Little Pumper” to bring awareness to kids and their parents about the importance of the oil and gas industry.

Now he’s written a second book in the series.

This is the story of “Bob the Big Pumper.” It is the second in a series of books Wurtz is writing to shed some light on the importance of the oil and gas industry.

“We talk in this book about the different things that oil makes, from toothpaste to rocket fuel,” he explained.

It is also a story about friends helping friends.

“Just like in the Oscar book, he has a problem, and then he has a friend who comes to help,” Wurtz said.

Wurtz is also exploring stories outside the oil and gas industry, including one titled “Don’t Eat the Sand.” It was inspired by a recent family vacation to the beach, where his son did nothing but eat sand.

“I thought it would make kind of a cute kid’s book,” Wurtz said. “There’s a turtle and a dolphin that come up and tell him that he shouldn’t be in the sand. I don’t want to give away the end of the book, but there’s a twist at the end.”

Much like Lucas’ life has been twist after twist; not many would have predicted this oilfield worker would also be a published author.

Wurtz has also just released a coloring book with scenes from both the Oscar and Bob books.

You can purchase all of Wurtz’s books on Amazon.

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