Mandan Murder Trial concludes after three weeks with Chad Isaak found guilty on all counts

Published: Aug. 20, 2021 at 12:03 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - The trial of Chad Isaak started on August 2, nearly two and a half years after Isaak was arrested for the murders of Robert Fakler, Adam Fuehrer, William Cobb and Lois Cobb at RJR Maintenance and Management in Mandan.

“You will know who caused the murders of Robert Fakler, of William Cobb, of Lois Cobb and of Adam Fuehrer; which is why the state will come back up before you and will ask you to find the defendant, Chad Isaak, guilty,” said Prosecution Attorney Karlei Neufeld.

As the trial progressed through the first week, the prosecution laid out what the crime scene looked like when first responders and RJR employees arrived at the scene

”I noticed that it looked like he had slipped and fell ‘cause he had a carton. Robert was notorious for bringing eggs to his employees, from his chickens, and it looked like he might have slipped and fell and hit his head,” said Justin Bockheim, witness.

The second week started with Medical Examiner Doctor William Massello III detailing the injuries sustained to the victims on the day of the murders.

”Some of the wounds could have been through an arm and into the body, or they may have been separate wounds, and then he had 28 stab wounds to the front of his body,” said Massello.

The prosecution then moved onto security camera footage showing Chad Isaak parking at the Mandan McDonald’s and making his way to RJR and back again.

From there, law enforcement was able to track Isaak all the way to Center, N.D. due to distinguishing marks on his truck.

”We can also see that the logo in the corner of the vehicle is also similar in all three photos, and we can also see that the rust pattern along the wheel well is similar in all three photos. Specifically because of the astonishing similarity of this object right here, right here and here,” said BCI Special Agent Alex Droske.

A “be on the lookout” notice was then sent out to law enforcement for Isaak’s truck. A McLean county deputy told the jury how he recognized the truck as his chiropractor’s Chad Isaak.

With the matching truck being found, law enforcement searched Isaak’s home and truck where they found a blood stain from Robert Fakler along with an orange ski mask and sweatshirt matching the one seen in security camera footage at RJR.

”Based on the 10 genetic loci that were used to calculate the frequency, the population statistic was greater than one and 100 billion and whenever that occurs, the laboratory’s policy states that we would not expect to see that profile among unrelated individuals in the world population,” said Kyle Splichal, former North Dakota Crime Lab employee.

The defense called patients of Isaak to the stand to testify about what happened when they had appointments on April 1st. One of those witnesses told the jury how Isaak moved an appointment on her for a dentist appointment. The state then called an employee from Beulah Dental who testified Isaak never had an appointment on April 1st.

Both sides rested following almost three weeks of testimony.

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