Bismarck woman’s dream comes true after becoming Vikings cheerleader

Published: Aug. 19, 2021 at 6:54 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - There are plenty of Minnesota Vikings fans in North Dakota. And this year, they can see a Bismarck native who will be on the sidelines.

Ever since Kiara Harper could walk, she’s been a dancer. When she heard the call for Vikings cheerleader tryouts, she jumped at the opportunity to keep doing what she loves. Her mom remembers the day she found out she made the team.

“She was bawling her eyes out when she called me and I was like, ‘Kiara?’ I didn’t know if she was bawling because she was happy or bawling because she was sad. And I was like, ‘Kiara, are you okay?’ And all she squeaked out was ‘Mom, I did it. It was pretty incredible,’” said Holly Overson, Kiara’s mom.

Kiara danced for the Demonettes at Bismarck High and the Bison Dance Team at NDSU. Even though she’s been performing her whole life, she is constantly surprised at life as an NFL cheerleader.

“It was also very weird to get to sign autographs. I’m like, ‘I’m just a girl, I don’t know,’” said Kiara.

Kiara’s parents aren’t surprised at the success she’s found; they’ve been watching her get better her whole life.

“Every level, you get to junior high, you get to high school, it’s just, you watch the improvements. You get to college, you watch the improvements. So I can’t wait to see now,” said Josh Overson, Kiara’s step dad.

Kiara says the most rewarding part of her new job is being a role model for little girls who look up to Vikings cheerleaders.

“It was also really cool to see the little girls dressed up in their cheer outfits. It’s just really cool to see that bond between the little girls and big cheerleaders as they look up to us,” said Kiara.

Long before Kiara tried out for the Vikings cheer team, her grandpa knew what her future would look like.

“Ever since I went to my first football game, he was always saying, ‘oh, she’s going to be a Vikings cheerleader someday.’ And I always denied it, but I guess Grandpa Brian was right,” said Kiara.

Grandpa Brian got the last laugh. He and the rest of Kiara’s family are looking forward to attending the first regular season home game on September 26th.

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