Prosecutors present evidence they say links Chad Isaak to quadruple homicide on day eight of trial

Published: Aug. 11, 2021 at 5:57 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - After a large number of videos and pictures were admitted into evidence Tuesday, BCI Special Agent Alex Droske spent Wednesday walking the jury through a surveillance video timeline from the frontage road, through the crime scene and beyond.

Along the way, he pointed out distinguishing features of the suspect.

“Here is the left arm that is mostly moving, where the other arm is tucked up, appeared to be cradling something,” said Droske.

“Again, it’s going to be unique in the fact that as he’s walking, there’s only one arm that is swinging,” Droske continued.

Droske says the suspect parked their vehicle at McDonald’s in Mandan on the morning of April 1st, 2019, and then made their way to RJR.

Once at RJR, the suspect can be seen entering the building with a wire object after Bill and Lois Cobb had already entered.

The suspect is then seen leaving and returning, then walking around the shop area before looking outside one more time.

“The suspect did not have his balaclava all the way down; it was actually raised up. It appeared that the suspect was either a caucasian or a very light-skinned individual,” said Droske.

A short time later, Adam Fuehrer enters, then Robert Fakler. The suspect then leaves and makes their way back to McDonald’s.

From the McDonald’s, investigators say they followed the suspect’s white Ford F-150 to Ron Lowman Motors.

It’s here where investigators say they saw rust spots on the vehicle which helped them track it all the way to River Ag in Washburn.

Prosecutors then jumped back to March 25th to show the jury a person driving and walking a very similar route at nearly the exact same time as the suspect on April 1st.

Later, Droske showed the jury an analyzed video of the suspect wearing a shoe he says looks like one found at Chad Isaak’s home.

“There are areas that were very similar here. The area where the shoe comes down and around is apparent, and then the rear area of the shoe is also similar,” said Droske.

Droske continued to give more evidence saying it linked Chad Isaak to the murders.

“We can also see that the logo in the corner of the vehicle is also similar in all three photos, and we can also see that the rust pattern along the wheel well is similar in all three photos,” said Droske.

“Specifically, because of the astonishing similarity of this object right here, right here and here,” Droske continued.

Defense attorney’s questioned Droske about jogger that could been seen on security camera footage and whether he should have been considered as a suspect. Droske said as far as he was aware law enforcement had already excluded all other people in the area.

Defense questioned Droske again about possible missing footage on a security camera. Droske said he didn’t remember the gap being there on the raw video.

The defense continued to call the investigation process into question throughout the cross-examination, while the state asked witnesses about how they had narrowed down to one suspect.

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