Medical examiner testifies on day six of Chad Isaak trial

Published: Aug. 9, 2021 at 5:37 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Day six of the Chad Isaak trial continued today with Medical Examiner Doctor William Massello III taking the stand.

Attorneys from both sides spent more than half of the day questioning Massello about the manner of death for the four victims.

“Some of the wounds could have been through an arm and into the body, or they may have been separate wounds, and then he had 28 stab wounds to the front of his body,” said Massello.

Massello told the jury how the suspect stabbed the victims more than 100 times total. He also outlined how eight gunshot wounds were found across three of the four victims.

Lead Investigator and Bureau of Criminal Investigation Agent Joe Arenz was recalled to the stand to testify on the order in which the victims and suspect entered the RJR building on April 1, 2019. Arenz said that Cobbs entered first before the suspect.

“I believe the suspect entered at, I believe it was like at 6:47, and then at approximately at 7:01 Adam Fuehrer arrived and entered the building and then at approximately, I believe 7:06, Robert Fakler arrived and entered the building and then within a couple of minutes the suspect left,” said Arenz.

Prosecutors questioned Arenz about any other possible suspects. Arenz said at the beginning of the investigation Jackie Fakler, the widow of one of the victims, and Mitch Kessel, an employee of RJR, may have been suspects.

“A couple of reasons, when law enforcement was wanting to keep all the RJR Maintenance and Management staff there, Mitch left for a very short period of time. He came back when he was requested to come back. Mitch also had initially, what we believed a vehicle that could have matched the suspect vehicle,” said Arenz.

“The fact that Robert was having an affair, that obviously brought some attention to Jackie, but other than that, just her relationship to the business essentially,” Arenz continued.

However, Arenz says both were ruled out as more evidence came to light.

Prosecutors then called witness Angela Davis to the stand. Davis is the McDonald’s employee who notified police of a suspicious man getting into a vehicle at the Mandan McDonald’s. Davis testified about why she contacted the police in the first place.

“April 1, 40 degrees and it’s warm out; no need for a ski mask,” said Davis.

Davis also told the jury how the suspicious person appeared heavy set until they got to a white truck and placed something inside it, after that the suspect appeared slim.

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