Recapping day 5 of the Chad Isaak trial

Published: Aug. 7, 2021 at 11:25 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Lead investigator and Bureau of Criminal Investigation Agent Joe Arenz testified to the jury and physical evidence was introduced in the courtroom for the first time. Evidence included ID’s, wallets, bullets and clothing items.

“So here’s the hat itself. Let’s see if I can, right there; I know it’s hard to see, but is a hole in the band of that hat,” said Arenz.

Defense attorney Bruce Quick questioned Arenz about certain pieces of evidence, like wallets, not being tested for DNA. Arenz said they weren’t tested as they believed the suspect wore gloves at the crime scene, so there was no evidentiary value to testing but theorized why the suspect could have been looking at the wallets.

“The suspect was trying to identify who Lois was and who Adam was,” said Arenz.

The prosecution then questioned Arenz about the number of potential suspects.

“Considering what you saw as far as those timestamps did you believe that it was a possibility for only one suspect to have committed the acts at RJR crime scene?” said Prosecution Attorney Karlei Neufeld.

“Yes,” replied Arenz.

As questioning of witnesses continued into the afternoon it turned towards a white RJR pickup truck that was found parked in the Indigo Signs parking lot on April 1st.

BCI Special Agent Troy Kelly continued to testify about blood marks and finger prints that appeared on the driver and passenger side doors of the truck.

“These are the voids in the dirt that I was talking about, I believe there are other state exhibits that show it closer up, but there’s also a void here that has a distinct pattern in that void and that dirt. You can see some of the blood staining in this picture up closer to the top of that door handle,” said Kelly.

Kelly also testified to how more evidence was gathered inside truck.

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