Day 4 of Chad Isaak murder trial

Published: Aug. 5, 2021 at 7:05 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - The trial against Chad Isaak continued for the fourth day Thursday. Isaak is accused of killing four people at a RJR Maintenance and Management facility in Mandan in 2019.

More witnesses were called, including Jackie Fakler the widow of Robert Fakler and a number of Bureau of criminal investigations agents who collected evidence at the scene.

Day four of the Chad Isaak trial started with Jackie Fakler the widow of Robert Fakler one of the victims in the case taking the stand.

As the prosecution continued to question Jackie they asked if she knew Chad Isaak.

“Do you know the defendant, Chad Isaak?” said Karlei Neufeld, prosecution attorney.

“No.” said Jackie Fakler, widow of Robert Fakler.

“Have you ever met him before?” asked Karlei Neufeld.

“I believe at the meet and greet that we had at the mobile home park,” said Jackie Fakler.

Jackie also stated that Robert Fakler wanted to talk to Isaak in the Fall of 2018 about snow removal in his mobile home park as Isaak had been doing it for the park in years prior.

Questioning by the prosecution then turned to an extramarital affair that Mandan Police detectives uncovered during their investigation.

“Prior to April 2019, were you aware that your husband was having an affair?” said Karlei Neufeld.

“No.” said Jackie Fakler.

“Did you ever wonder if Robert was having an affair?” asked Neufeld.

“No.” said Jackie Fakler.

“Did he ever act or behave in a way that made you think he was having an affair?” asked Neufeld.

“No.” said Jackie Fakler.

On cross examination the defense counsel questioned Jackie Fakler and Mandan Police Department LT. Pat Haug about a comment they say Jackie had been heard making.

“Someone had overheard you, meaning, Jackie, make a comment that there would never be a divorce from Robert and that she would have him taken care of, talking about you, you say that to Jackie, correct?” asked Defense Attorney Luke Heck, Defense Attorney.

Haug said that was correct and when asked by the prosecution he said he didn’t think Jackie’s words were serious.

“Talking with Jackie throughout the whole thing and stuff like that, I think that that was just her way of saying that he’d be in trouble if he cheated on her, you know, I think those words seem extreme, but I don’t think they were literal,” said Haug.

BCI Special Agent Shawn Banet was then called to testify about BCI’s involvement on April first. He explained to the jury how BCI collected video evidence of the crime scene and explained what he saw on the scene.

“The amount of wounds and the seriousness, how horrific that scene looked, Lois Cobb’s injuries really stuck out to me. She had a very deep laceration to her neck and numerous stabbed wounds,” said BCI Special Agent Shawn Banet.

During the afternoon session of the trial BCI Special Agent Alex Droske was called to the stand. Droske walked the jury through the crime scene using 3-D imaging software and explained what the jury was looking at.

Our coverage is scheduled to continue Friday morning at 8:30.

We’ll have the proceedings live on our Facebook page.

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