Opening statements and questioning of witnesses highlight day three of the Chad Isaak trial

Published: Aug. 4, 2021 at 7:01 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Day three of the Chad Isaak trial opened with Prosecution Attorney Karlei Neufeld laying out what jurors can expect to hear from both sides.

“Each piece of evidence that you receive in this case will be like a piece to a puzzle, and as you slowly take each one of those puzzle pieces, as you start putting them together, you’ll be able to see a clear picture of what took place on April 1, 2019,” said Neufeld.

Neufeld continued her statements, telling jurors they will hear from employees of RJR and others about the events of that day. She also outlined how law enforcement worked to find their suspect, Chad Isaak.

“Once you have heard all of the testimony, once you have received all of the evidence, you will know what happened on April 1, 2019. You will know who broke into RJR, you will know who used an RJR vehicle during his escape, and you will know who caused the murders of Robert Fakler, of William Cobb, of Lois Cobb and of Adam Fuehrer; which is why the state will come back up before you and will ask you to find the defendant, Chad Isaak, guilty,” said Neufeld.

Once Neufeld finished her opening statements, Defense Attorney Bruce Quick took the stand and explained to jurors how Chad Isaak could not have done what he is accused of doing.

“This is a case about who did it, and to determine who did it, you need to determine why. There is no way for Dr. Chad Isaak and when you look at the facts, this case quickly unravels,” said Quick.

Quick backed up his statements, saying the evidence the state will use does not show his client’s DNA.

“There was no DNA or blood on any of the knives seized, and not all of it was even tested; recalled that they were looking for fingerprints on the Cobb vehicle and perhaps elsewhere, nothing was found. A microscopic examination by the ATF lab could not conclude that the victims’ bullets, the bullets in the victims at RJR, were even fired from the same gun, much less identify the type of gun that fired them,” said Quick.

Once both sides ended their opening statements the prosecution started to call witnesses to the stand. One witness, Justin Bockheim, detailed what he saw when he entered the RJR facility.

“I noticed that it looked like he had slipped and fell because he had a carton. Robert was notorious for bringing eggs to his employees, from his chickens, and it looked like he might have slipped and fell and hit his head,” said Bockheim.

The next group of witnesses were medical personnel who recalled what they saw and what they did when they got on the scene.

“The first fireman that arrived on scene begin working on the patient’s airway and assisting ventilations,” said Kylan Williams, formerly with Metro Area Ambulance.

“So assisted you in resuscitating Robert?” said Prosecution Attorney Gabrielle Goter.

“Yes,” replied Williams.

Mandan Police officers also testified explaining their actions when they first arrived and how they surveyed the scene to make sure a suspect wasn’t around.

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