Carson Wentz to undergo foot surgery Monday

Published: Aug. 2, 2021 at 2:44 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - At 4 o’clock this afternoon, Carson Wentz goes into the operating room to have a bone removed from his left foot.

Doctors determined the injury suffered by the Century High School graduate is something that happened a long time ago, possibility when he was playing for the Patriots.

Colts Head Coach Frank Reich said: “Everyone was in agreement that it was very plain to see that Carson had an old foot injury, probably a high school injury that was a broken foot sometime in high school that he did not know was broken and then what happened the other day was in the course of practice over time whatever the years over time something happens, just the right pressure at the right time with the right movement all of the sudden that little broken bone that was in there that was lodged comes loose. It causes as everybody knows a lot of pain and aggravation so then the next couple days there was discussion over well, we can leave it in there. We can leave it in there and try to manage it and see if it holds up during the year and take our chances there.”

Reich says he thinks it felt like a punch in the gut for Wentz for about two hours then the conversation turned to what is the most predictable outcome and the answer was to have the surgery.

“Let’s get the piece out of there, begin the rehab process and think the long haul,” said Reich. “Now, the good news is, I was going to say what’s the time frame and the easy answer is we’re not going to put a time frame on it right now we’re just going to see how it goes but all you have to do is ask the doctor’s that the time frame is so we asked the two best doctor’s in the world, what’s the time frame? Here’s the answer. The answer is the time frame is five to twelve weeks, that’s the time frame for this injury, that’s a long, big range OK and there’s no way to know where you’re going to fall in that continuum until you get into the rehab process.”

With a five-to-twelve-week time frame, Carson could miss as many as seven games in a worst-case scenario.  

Reich says they are optimistic it will be on the short end of that time frame, but they felt like it was better to deal with Wentz being gone now, rather than risk the possibility of losing him later during a playoff push.

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