Earthlings ponder the possibilities of extraterrestrial life

Published: Jul. 29, 2021 at 7:37 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Alien enthusiasts hoped for proof of extraterrestrial life with congressional hearings. Although there are still a lot more questions than answers, for those in Bismarck it’s the mystique that draws them in.

Space Dust Pickle Fries at Bismarck’s Space Aliens Grill and Bar are popular with earthlings. No one knows if this tasty treat is a favorite with little green men, but that doesn’t faze those that eat here.

“I don’t know if ET is out there poking around in his spaceship or nothing, but you know on a biological, evolutionary level there’s got to be something a little different than us,” said Lauren Duvall, a patron visiting from Louisiana.

Age isn’t a factor when believing in ETs.

“I believe there’s something out there like my mom,” Duvall’s daughter Brandi said.

Mort Bank’s business has blasted off with his out-of-this-world theme. He’s decorated the restaurant space with Martian-like memorabilia.

“It’s like someone who walks into a museum. They’re just kind of awe-struck. There’s all kinds of display cases, we have aliens on display. We have a mascot that comes through the restaurant on a regular basis,” said Bank.

Local artists painted the ceiling and Bank helped design some of the space creatures. When it comes to the question of what’s out there, Bank’s on board with other life forms.

“It’s hard to believe that as big as the galaxy is that Earth is the only planet that would have life on it,” said Bank.

Meanwhile, Roswell the mascot makes contact with customers to make them feel at home on planet Earth.

At Space Aliens it doesn’t matter if you believe life exists outside the universe, at the restaurant aliens and humans coexist.

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