When will Williston and Sanford Health reach an agreement for a new clinic and hospital?

Sanford Health Williston
Sanford Health Williston(kfyr)
Published: Jul. 29, 2021 at 2:53 PM CDT
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WILLISTON, N.D. - Talks continue between the City of Williston and Sanford Health as the two work on an agreement to bring a new hospital and clinic to the area, but will they be able to have it done by the city’s estimated deadline of Aug. 31?

Both sides signed a letter of intent back in March, and a community board was created a month later.

While Sanford Health Bismarck President and CEO Dr. Michael LeBeau said there has been a lot of work going on, he said he’s unsure they will be able to have an agreement before the end of next month as they try to work on who owns what.

“I think the honest answer is I don’t think we are going to sign that definitive agreement by the end of August. We actually plan on having some events with the city in September or October. We’re still finalizing some things and working through the details,” said LeBeau.

When the letter of intent was announced, officials said the clinic would be owned and operated by Sanford while the hospital would be leased through the city. Labeau said those details remain up in the air.

“We’re still working on just the planning and how the system is going to work together both between the clinic and the hospital. We’ve had a really good working relationship with the city and we plan on still working through the details of who owns what and how we do it,” said LeBeau.

LeBeau said there will be more details to come and that he said he thinks an announcement with the city will be coming “shortly.”

In a written response to your news leader, Williston City Administrator David Tuan said, “Talks are going well and this timeline remains our target.”

Lebeau added that he feels they will have a shovel in the ground for the clinic next spring.

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