Tigirlily sits down with KMOT at the 2021 North Dakota State Fair

Published: Jul. 29, 2021 at 6:38 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. – North Dakota natives Kendra and Krista Slaubaugh, who make up Tigirlily, the country band, joined Your News Leader’s Grace Kraemer and Joe Skurzewski before performing at the Grandstand at the North Dakota State Fair.

Joe Skurzewski: “Alright Kendra, Krista, thank you so much for joining us here at the North Dakota State Fair. Let’s talk about this past year. This has been a whirl wind year for you hasn’t?”

Kendra Slaubaugh: “We’ve been doing music together for eight years as Tigirlily and we started here in North Dakota and we signed a record deal we had a song go number one, we are playing the main stage at the North Dakota State Fair, so it has been a wild, wild year for us.”

Grace Kraemer: “And this isn’t your first time playing at the state fair though, tell me a little bit about the history on that.”

Krista Slaubaugh: “In 2014, we played the side stage for about four times a day for four days and it was so fun we meet so many people and even to this day, people comment on our Facebook page and say, ‘Oh, I saw you in Minot at the state fair,’ so it’s fun it was always our goal to come back and play the main stage, so it’s good to be back.”

Kendra: “And we grew up going all the concerts here, Taylor swift, Miranda Lambert, Eric Church, and you know all those people so for us it was always like, ‘Oh, I hope we can be here someday on the main stage’, so it’s really cool to be able to do that.”

Joe: “So, when you are writing your music, what inspires your music?”

Kendra: “Personal experiences for both of us. It’s nice to have two people because then we have two different experiences to go off of, but also what’s going on in the world. With ‘Somebody Does’, it was a time where it was just a really dark place in the world and we felt like, ‘What can we write and say that is going to make a difference at this point?’ We love a love song, we love a breakup song, but sometimes we need something else as well, and that’s how ‘Somebody Does’ came to be, but yeah just experiences I would say, as we grow and go through our 20s and just figure it all out.”

Grace: “What has been your favorite part of being country artists so far in your journey?”

Krista: “The people! I would definitely say that. We really enjoy just meeting everyone that comes to our shows and hearing people stories, yeah, the people. And we love performing too, that’s our bread and butter, if we could do nothing else, day after day, we love to perform. We get to do both today! We get to meet people and perform so, 100% today.”

Joe: “Now, it’s not just music though too, you made a guest appearance on a soap opera recently. What was that like?”

Kendra: “I mean, we have never done any sort of acting before, so when we got casted for this roll in ‘The Young and the Restless’, we were like you know we are going to prepare, we practiced our lines for five hours one day. It was so cool; the cast and the crew were so nice. It’s aired already, so it’s been fun to see people are now coming to our Facebook page and being like, ‘I saw you on ‘The Young and the Restless’, new fans!’ So, it’s a great way to get Tigirlily out to a brand-new audience, for sure.”

Grace: “What are you guys most looking forward to tonight?”

Krista: “Do you want a serious answer or not serious answer? I would say the footlong corn dogs, but just like I know so many people we are going to recognize. To see family, familiar faces, people who were at our show at the side stage six or seven years ago. So, it’s just going to feel like a big family singing together.”

Kendra: “I already said I am like sad when its already going to be over when we haven’t even played yet, because it’s just going to be an amazing, amazing night for sure.”

Joe: “How about getting to perform and live in Nashville and get to share your talents there. What does it mean to bring your talents to Nashville, the heart of country music?”

Krista: “We didn’t know what to expect when we moved there, we’re from small town North Dakota, so it was just a huge change for us. But we got to Nashville, we started going to college, we started playing three to four times a week in downtown Nashville and we still play down there once a week, playing for four hours. At the heart of it, we just love to play music and every time we play a show, there is always North Dakota people there and that is the coolest part about it. It’s like ‘We from North Dakota!’ and the whole bar goes ‘Woohoo!’”

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