Sports Spotlight: Ryan Carmack

Published: Jul. 28, 2021 at 8:59 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - Summer baseball is one of the most important times for any young man in college. For development, for experience, and, hopefully, to perform well enough to draw scouts back to college.

In Ryan Carmack’s case, a pitcher for the Larks who is from Missouri, this summer means more to him than just baseball. Ryan is in this week’s Sports Spotlight.

“My grandparents are here. Aunt, uncle, three cousins. Second cousins, third cousins, everybody’s here in North Dakota,” said Carmack.

Carmack is from Missouri, but as you can tell, his entire extended family is stationed in Bismarck.

“I knew about the Larks, my grandparents have had tickets for a couple years. And yeah, they mentioned as we were sitting at a Chick-Fil-A, ‘Hey, what if you came and pitched for the Larks?’” said Carmack.

Being from a different state and playing at Southwest Baptist University, Ryan’s family doesn’t get to see him play as much as they’d like. But this summer? It’s been nothing short of a treat.

“This was a dream and a wish come true. It’s been a great summer. We have a couple weeks or so left. I’m sure it’s going to go fast, too fast, but it’s been great,” said Wayne Narum, Ryan’s grandpa.

The Larks were always at the top of Ryan’s summer ball list, and the organization has a lot to offer a young man like him.

“I would just say the level of class of the organization. As we get to travel around to different ballparks and different places, you just kinda see the different levels of different teams in even the Northwoods (League), and how well the Larks do it,” said Carmack.

With the Larks doing it all, there’s something to enjoy for fans of all ages.

“Seeing some good baseball, and seeing the fans have a good time. Especially the kids having a good time, they do a good job,” said Narum.

Coming from a D-2 university, the competition Ryan faced this summer is above what he’s used to. He’s had to work hard at it, but it’s only made him better.

“It’s definitely challenged and pushed me beyond my previous limits before. There have been a couple outings where I’ve walked away from them like, ‘Man I just got roughed up,’ but I’ve learned so much in this outing what to do, what not to do. It’s grown me as a baseball player more than any other level has up to this point,” said Narum.

Ryan is in the starting rotation for the Larks this season and has struck out 36 batters in 36 and a third innings of work. The Larks have 16 games remaining in the season.

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