BIO Girls get hands-on lesson in helping others

Published: Jul. 28, 2021 at 5:13 PM CDT
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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) - You’ve probably seen the Little Free Pantries around town. There are nearly 30 of them in Bismarck and Mandan. Volunteers keep them stocked with food for people who need it.

You might have also heard of a group called BIO Girls. It’s short for “Beautiful Inside and Out.” The group is for adolescent girls, designed to boost self-esteem and empower girls. They also focus on helping their community.

This week, the two groups came together, and provided these young ladies a hands-on experience in helping others.

Nine-year-old Lily Edinger has never seen so much peanut butter. It’s just one of the many items her BIO Girls group has collected. They’ll sort the donations, then each take a box and put it one of the Little Free Pantries in Bismarck and Mandan.

“We do a service project every year and every year it’s like helping someone or people,” explained Edinger.

This year’s project: fill the pantries. It’s a project that they’re pretty excited about.

“People that come home every day from like school and stuff don’t have food and that’s just sad,” Edinger said.

These girls are not just filling the pantries, they’re learning where they are, how they work and how they can help.

“It was surprising to me how many there are in Bismarck and Mandan,” said 12-year-old Brynn Currie. “I didn’t think there that were 29 pantries.”

And they’ve discovered it feels good to help others.

“It also kind of makes me happy that I’m able to help those kids and those people,” added Brynn.

“They love that they get to give to others but they also love how it makes them feel too and that’s important,” said Brynn’s mom and BIO Girls co-site director, Brandy Currie.

“Kids just feel like they don’t have a voice and they don’t know how to give back and this is a quick and easy way to realize that they really can have an impact on the community,” added Jessy Wetsch, Little Free Pantry project manager.

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