Pride Dairy of Bottineau offering chilly treats at the hot ND State Fair

Pride Dairy at the State Fair
Pride Dairy at the State Fair(KFYR)
Published: Jul. 26, 2021 at 9:06 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. – A popular North Dakota product that’s showcased at the North Dakota State Fair is Pride Dairy, based out of Bottineau.

Pride Dairy has been in business since 1930 and has slowly started making its way throughout the state, even being offered in local grocery stores.

This is the first year Pride Dairy has been at the State Fair after Midwest Dairy no longer used the food truck.

“Our business is part of supporting the local dairy farmers, North Dakota dairy farmers, and we didn’t want to risk losing this opportunity to continue supporting dairy farmers, so we worked things through with Midwest Dairy and it’s been really good,” said Pride Dairy Owner Kriss Allard.

With the heat and people recognizing the brand, business has been great for them as well.

“It’s been very positive with people coming up and saying ‘Oh I can get this at the local grocery store,’ or ‘We thought you had to go all the way to Bottineau to get it,’ so it been a huge opportunity to get the brand out there and help people find it a little easier,” said Allard.

Pride Dairy is also available at Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota after they won a contest for best Thomas Jefferson Vanilla, which you can try this week at the fair!

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