Minot tourism industry on road to recovery after 2020 pandemic impact

Published: Jul. 23, 2021 at 6:53 AM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. – Last year the community lost two if its biggest attractions, the state fair and Norsk Høstfest.

These two events have a combined economic impact of $90 million to the Minot area.

The return of a major state event like the State Fair means the local tourism industry is on a road to recovery after COVID-19.

The return of the State fair is drawing thousands of out of town visitors to Minot, including the Hass Family, who scheduled their visit to North Dakota around the fair as they make their way to every state in the country.

“As a family of four there’s me my husband her and our son, we are trying to see all 50 states and we have about 13 left as a family to see. We made sure we came at a time that it would be here because apparently that’s the thing to do up so we’re excited to go,” said visitor Melodie Haas.

The Hass’s said they’re looking forward to some of the fair’s main attractions.

“Rides, there’s a lot of good choices I just like them all,” said visitor Anna Haas.

Local hotels like the Staybridge Suites said they’ve been getting calls for the past month all connected to the State Fair.

“We have people that have already started coming that are state fair vendors, and tomorrow we start with the people that are going to be attending so it’s a great opportunity for the hotels,” said Phyllis Burckhard, Staybridge Inn Director of Sales.

General tourism has also seen a rise across some of Minot’s hot spots.

Every day we have got people in our visitor’s center from multiple states. In the past two weeks we’ve had people from over 40 states in Minot to take in events, attractions and it feels good we are absolutely seeing a difference,” said Stephanie Schoenrock, Executive Director of Visit Minot.

A community looking to bounce back with a main attraction.

Industry workers said that being able to welcome back Canadian guests will also add a boost in numbers but the border closures are expected to continue until at least Aug. 21.

Information on the State Fair can be found on its website here.

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