Kenmare leaders survey residents for possible community center

Published: Jul. 19, 2021 at 9:22 PM CDT
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KENMARE, N.D. – Some key parts of the town of Kenmare are in need of major improvements, and the surrounding community can now give feedback on how they should be fixed.

Residents of Kenmare are being asked to voice their opinions as the city starts to look at new ways to fix old problems.

Feedback from Kenmare residents like Tera Melaas is key to deciding the city’s next moves.

“It would be nice to have more to do. And I know that happens a lot in the community is, we need more things for our kids to do, for our elderly to do, not just our kids. We have a lot of young families here and I’ll drive to Minot for things to do,” said Melaas.

The survey is working to educate residents about the state of some of the community’s main features, such as Memory Hall and the pool.

According to city councilman Jeremy Grohs, it could be the first step towards a new community center.

“We want to look at the ideas. If this project were to go through, what kind of opportunities do you want to be provided to take into consideration all the entities of Kenmare and the surrounding areas,” said Grohs.

Memorial Hall, the city’s most used building, was built in 1930 and recent reports show it would need $1.2 million in repairs.

The city pool which was closed earlier this year due to necessary repairs and safety concerns would require at least $1.5 million.

“The big thing is making sure that the public is informed as far as why we’re looking at these decisions, not necessarily just the dollar value but looking at the big picture,” said Grohs.

Residents said it will be a community effort to get to the first stage of officially planning for the project.

I think if everybody could pull together we could be the first of many communities to show what a small town can really do because I think people think small town, you can’t do anything well. Let’s prove them wrong,” said Melaas.

The surveys were sent using information from the school district and in a 35-mile radius around the city.

Grohs said the survey is available to both students and adults in the community. Both online and mail-in versions are available, and the deadline to respond is Aug. 1.

You can find out more on the City of Kenmare Facebook page here.

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