McHenry County Food Pantry gets an upgrade

McHenry County Food Pantry volunteers
McHenry County Food Pantry volunteers(KFYR)
Published: Jul. 16, 2021 at 5:01 PM CDT
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GRANVILLE, N.D. – The McHenry County Food Pantry is getting some new freezers thanks to a grant from the North Dakota Department of Agriculture. They’ll help the operation feed people across the county.

Joni Anderson and her husband are just a couple of the volunteers that have been working with the McHenry County Food Pantry for years. It plays an important role in the lives of more than 65 county residents.

”We have mostly older people, and a few families and things like that. Everybody’s really grateful, they thank us, they come help if we need them,” said Joni Anderson, coordinator.

Her husband Jerry used to drive some of the boxes of food around. He built the shelves for the storeroom, and more.

”Help out however I can. I’ve got sore joints so it’s hard on me,” said Jerry Anderson, volunteer.

With the money from a recent grant, the pantry bought a pair of walk-in freezers to hold even more food and give it some much-needed space.

”We also have to have room to bag up stuff and put it back into the chest freezers. So by having the stuff over there we can just bring it over here. It gives us that extra breathing room,” said Joni.

This delivery will be the first to fill the new freezers working to support those in need in the community.

The pantry received $50,000 from the grant for the project. They raised money from the community for the concrete and electrician.

Joni encouraged people to contact the county auditor if they need help, and that office can put them in touch with her.

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