‘Minot Whiners and Complainers’ Facebook page pulled amid growing tech censorship debate

Published: Jul. 15, 2021 at 5:07 PM CDT|Updated: Jul. 15, 2021 at 5:12 PM CDT
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MINOT, N.D. – A popular Facebook page for those in the Minot area — where users vent on everything from traffic to fast food — was taken down recently after a user posted obscenities on the page. It brings to light the ongoing debate over social media censorship.

The Minot Whiners and Complainers Facebook page, created back in 2014, has brought the community together through the internet.

The page has garnered quite a following over the years, and posts range widely from complaining about parking to those looking for a little help.

“There is just thousands of people that can instantly help pretty much any situation that going on. People that need a ride to work will post on that page and say, ‘Hey, can someone give me a ride at noon?’ and you are going to see 10 people immediately, ‘Hey, I can take ya,’” said Teddy Goldsworthy, a follower of the page.

However, the page was recently taken down for going against the social media’s community guidelines.

“Facebook has started over censoring so many things including flagging certain words. Sometimes things are getting flagged that should not be getting flagged and some of that is counted against us,” said Miranda Heisler, the page’s creator.

The move left many to call into question big tech censorship.

“I think they have taken the censorship and what they have constituted as bullying, harassment a little too far. Yes, it needs to be monitored, but to the extent that you just knock the whole thing out?” said Goldsworthy.

It also raised concerns over how it can impact the lives of those in smaller communities.

“I was so worried that Facebook had just taken away the best thing for Minot, it’s the best thing for up-to-date and local Minot information. Many people have said that the ‘Whiners and Complainers Page’ is the only Facebook page that they live for and look forward to every day,” said Heisler.

For now, Heisler is trying to rebuild the almost 18,000-plus followed page, but this time with a little more caution.

The page currently has a new version up called “Minot Whiners and Complainers 2.0” and is already quickly gaining traction.

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